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Seasonings with aromatic herbs + Presal®
Mix in 3 different recipes ideal for meat, fish and vegetables



9 mixed sachets BOX

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ORIS® seasoning + Presal®

  • ORIS® with 9 aromatic herbs + Presal®
Ideal for all meals


ORIS® seasoning

  • ORIS® with 10 aromatic herbs SALT FREE
Ideal for all meals


Himalayan Pink Salt

  • PINK SALT with aromatic herbs
Ideal for all your foods


Algae Salt

  • ALGAE SALT iodine enriched
Ideal for fish and legumes



Mixture for "garlic, oil and hot pepper" + Presal®
Ideal for preparing the no fried Italian pasta recipe "garlic, oil and hot pepper"


The taste of fresh aromatic herbs combined with iodine benefits
To be used as normal salting instead of common salt

Both in the kitchen and on the table with the practical spreader under the cap!
  • 100% Natural
  • Gluten free
  • Without allergens
  • No GMOs

Naturalness and incredible taste

Many aromatic herbs and spices different mixtures, chosen and balanced to enrich your meals with more flavor.
The GREEN, with its Mediterranean rosemary, sage and garlic’s scents is an ideal seasoning for grilled meats and vegetables, potatoes, minestrone and other dishes, as your imagination suggests.
The BLUE is made with rosemary, garlic, sage, juniper, bay leaf and thyme and is perfect on white meats like turkey or chicken, but also with fish and veg dishes with a delicate flavor.
The BURGUNDY and Oris®, are made with round flavor herbs such as juniper, laurel, oregano, thyme and others. They are ideal for seasoning red meats, roasts, braised meats, stews or other dishes with a strong taste.


Spaghetti “Garlic, oil and hot pepper” ever so light and tasty!

With our Spagghy® you can easily prepare "Garlic, oil and hot pepper" recipe WITHOUT ANY SUFFERING!
The meal will be much more digestible but still tasty and spicy!

for 4 people dissolve one bag contents in 8 tablespoons of Caber extra virgin olive oil, then stir it and let it rest for 5 minutes, just the time to cook Caber spaghetti in iodized salted water by Presal®, then drain it and season it with Spagghy® oil. Et voila .... the spaghetti is ready!
You will find complete and detailed instructions on the back of the pack.

SPAGGHY olio aglio  peperoncino

Professional packaging

ORIS® seasoning with 10 aromatic herbs without salt

Plastic pack with spreader 320 g

ORIS® seasoning with 10 aromatic herbs

Plastic pack with spreader 800 g

ORIS® seasoning with 10 aromatic herbs

Handling bucket 2.5 Kg

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