An experimental field created to improve the properties of the herbs and aromatic plants we use.

The Garden was created in the large area of land alongside our production plant and enables us to discover Mediterranean fragrances and colours, uses and properties of dozens of herbs and aromatic plants through a series of flowerbeds and dunes that we planted ourselves.

We organise guided tours enabling visitors to get to know and appreciate the world of fragrances and nature as part of a new and original experience connected with food production “from the field to the jar”.

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pianta del Giardino delle Erbe caber

The Garden’s plants

Dozens of herbs and aromatic plants to be used for consumption and as fragrances have been planted in the Garden.
Thanks to a specially created sequence of flowerbeds and dunes, visitors can enjoy an array of colours and scents and discover the uses, food and dietary properties of the varieties through the descriptive tables.

The Garden basin

The Garden also hosts a little artificial basin where, between 1500 and 1920, hemp (grown on the plains of the provinces of Bologna, Ferrara, Modena and Ravenna) was macerated.
Our basin is home to flora and fauna typical of marshlands.

Visita ilo Giardino Caber

Visit the garden!

It is possible to book guided tours of the garden for school children of all ages, groups of gardening enthusiasts and groups of elderly and disabled persons.

by email or phone for more information and to book your guided tour between April and June

Ph. +39 051 765020

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Visita ilo Giardino Caber
Visita ilo Giardino Caber
Visita ilo Giardino Caber
Visita ilo Giardino Caber

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