1. BURGUNDY seasoning with herbs + Presal® 

    Ideal on roasts, stews and red meat

    Glasses jar with Sprinkler 125 g

  2. GREEN seasoning with herbs + Presal®

    Ideal on grilled foods, potatoes and vegetables

    Glasses jar with Sprinkler 200 g

  3. BLUE seasoning with herbs + Presal®

    Ideal on white meat

    Glasses jar with Sprinkler 160 g

  4. ORIS®  seasoning with 9 herbs + Presal ® 

    Ideal for all foods

    Plastic pack with Sprinkler 150 g

  5. ORIS®   seasoning with 10 herbs SALT-FREE

    Ideal for all foods

    Plastic pack with Sprinkler 60 g

  6. SPAGGHY®  mix for “garlic, oil and chilli pepper” + Presal ® 

    Ideal for preparing the “garlic, oil and chilli pepper” recipe without frying anything

    Double sacket 16 g

  7. Aroma and spice sprinklers

    In jars, 28 varieties with various grain sizes

Our seasonings iodised with Presal® come in 3 recipes with carefully chosen and balanced herbs to enrich your dishes with more flavour:

The Green seasoning stands out for its Mediterranean fragrances of rosemary, sage and garlic and is the ideal condiment for seasoning grilled meat and vegetables, potatoes, soups and other dishes according to taste.

The Blue seasoning is prepared with rosemary, garlic, sage, juniper, bay leaves and thyme and is perfect on white meat like turkey and chicken but also on fish and delicate vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The Burgundy and Oris® seasonings are rich in fully flavoured herbs such as juniper, bay leaves, oregano, thyme and others. They are ideal for seasoning red meat, roasts, braised meat, stews and other dishes strong on flavour.

  • The Seasonings are SOURCES OF IODINE!

If you want to flavour your dishes without using salt, you can try our salt-free Oris®.
This product is made up of 10 highly fragrant herbs: rosemary, garlic, sage, juniper, thyme, bay leaves, oregano, marjoram, basil and parsley and is completely salt-free!
Try it on red or white meat, potatoes, salads and other dishes or culinary specialities.
Use our iodised seasonings and Oris® seasoning in place of regular salt in the kitchen and at the table to give all your dishes the desired flavour!

In the kitchen or at the table with the practical sprinkler under the lid!

  • 100% NATURAL!
  • NO GMOs

Try our new range of spice, aroma and herb sprinkler jars. Glass jars to keep on the kitchen counter so you always have the fragrant flavour of chilli pepper, pepper, parsley, basil, garlic, onion, nutmeg and 20 other varieties close at hand!

  • Easy to dispense with the large hole and the small-holed sprinkler
Erbe aromatiche per arrosto + sacchetto forno
Insaporitore il VERDE
Insaporitore il BORDEAUX
Insaporitore ORIS
Insaporitore l'AZZURRO
Erbe aromatiche per pollo + sacchetto forno


The classic Italian spaghetti recipe with garlic, oil and chilli pepper has never been so light and tasty!

With our Spagghy®, you can easily prepare the famous “garlic, oil and chilli pepper” recipe WITHOUT FRYING ANYTHING!
The dish will be more digestible but equally rich in flavour and heat!
PREPARATION per 4 persone: dissolve the contents of one of the sachets in 8 spoons of Caber extra virgin olive oil then stir and leave for 5 minutes.
Just enough time to cook Caber spaghetti in water salted with protected Presal® iodised coarse salt, drain it and season it with Spagghy® oil.
And there you go... your spaghetti is ready!

Full instructions on the back of the packet

SPAGGHY olio aglio  peperoncino

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