Organic Range

  1. Orisoup Bio 

    Organic Granular Vegetable Stock

    Glasses jar 125 g

  2. Salamoia Bolognese® Bio

    Organic Seasoning

    Glasses jar with Sprinkler 200 g

  3. Spagghy® Bio

    Organic Spagghy®  mix for “garlic, oil and chilli pepper” with Presal ® 

    Double Sacket with blister 16 g

The “BioCaber” range was launched to better meet the requirements of our customers that follow a natural and healthy diet and who want products that are:

  • 100% natural
  • contain no GMOs
  • cultivated with respect for nature

ORISOUP: our 100% organic granular vegetable stock mix.
Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and with no added glutamate.
The product is granular and so it dissolves in water quickly and easily.

Organic SALAMOIA BOLOGNESE®: our classic seasoning with certified 100% organic ingredients.

SPAGGHY® Bio with Presal®: our classic mix for “Oil, garlic and chilli pepper” with certified 100% organic ingredients.

Caber linea BIO

Controls and Certification

Our organic products are certified by CCPB of Bologna.
CCPB certification guarantees consumers that crops and ingredients are subject to rigorous quality controls.
Organic production is regulated in the European Union by reg. EC 834/07 and reg. 889/08 which establish precise production regulations, labelling terms and control and certification systems, and which regulate imports from non-EU countries.

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