1. Tuna and anchovy cream

    Glasses jar 110 g

  2. Anchovy fillets with caper in oil

    Glasses jar 80 g

  3. Anchovy fillets in oil

    Glasses jar 80 g

  4. Prawns in brine

    Glasses jar 140 g

  5. Crab meat

    Tin box 170 g

  6. Sardines in oil

    Tin box 120 g

  7. Mackerel fillets in olive oil

    Tin box 125 g

  8. Tuna in oil

    Tin box 125 g

  9. Tuna fillets in brine

    Glasses jar 190 g

  10. Tuna fillets in olive oil

    Glasses jar 190 g

  11. Whole tuna slice in olive oil

    Tin box 120 g

  12. Clams in brine

    Glasses jar 130 g

  13. Clams in sauce

    Glasses jar 130 g

  14. Clams alla marinara

    Glasses jar 130 g

Our anchovy fillets are processed according to the most rigorous and comprehensive preserving tradition so that the fillets are always covered in olive oil so they can mature slowly maintaining their tenderness and full flavour.

Try our “tuna and anchovy cream" with olive oil. Ideal with canapés, breadsticks, croutons, for embellishing sandwiches and aperitifs, or used as a tuna sauce.

Our sardines are hand stowed and, being very small, are also excellent whole.
The artisan processing, the tenderness of the meat and its delicate flavour make our sardines truly unparalleled products.

We use the finest species of tuna in the world: Albacore tuna, with its tender, light pink meat.
Caber tuna, line-caught in the Cantabrian Sea, is processed fresh to preserve and enhance its sensory qualities and is strictly stowed by hand.

  • Line caught
  • Rich in phosphorus and omega 3
  • Processed fresh
  • Complete slice and fillets
  • Low in fat

Our mackerel fillets are also produced according to a traditional artisan process that results in soft fillets with a rich yet delicate flavour.

tonno alalunga caber
tonno alalunga Caber
Le acciughe caber
I gamberetti Caber
Le vongole Caber
I gamberetti Caber

Mare in Macelleria

“Mare in Macelleria” “Il Mare in Macelleria” is our 1988 registered brand, a range of fish products in jars designed exclusively for distribution in butcher’s shops.

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