Salamoia Bolognese ®

  1. Salamoia Bolognese® Seasoning

    Ideal for all foods

    Glasses jar with sprinkler 200 g

  2. Salamoia Bolognese® Seasoning

    Ideal for all foods

    Glasses jar with sprinkler 300 g

  3. Salamoia Bolognese® Seasoning

    Ideal for all foods

    Plastic pack with sprinkler 1 Kg

We have been producing Salamoia Bolognese® since 1968 taking our inspiration from the traditional Italian recipe that blended sea salt with fresh herbs.

The herbs we use to make Salamoia Bolognese® are grown in our Caber fields in Emilia Romagna and are always processed fresh.

As such, we monitor the entire production chain from the field to the packaged product.

Salamoia Bolognese® is prepared with fresh rosemary, sage and garlic, a pinch of black pepper and Italian sea salt with distinctive qualities and selected grain size.

100% natural!

Salamoia Bolognese® is used like a regular salt to season all dishes with herbs that stay fresh and fragrant thanks to the glass jar with hermetically sealed lid;

It is the ideal condiment for white and red meat, fish, potatoes and vegetables..
Also excellent for seasoning salads, soups, pulses, tofu, seitan and other vegetarian or vegan dishes..

Try it in the kitchen or at the table with its practical sprinkler under the lid!

practical sprinkler under the lid

With Sprinkler under the lid!

The practical sprinkler under the lid enables you to dispense the product with ease and even to use it at the table.

Salamoia Bolognese for the red meat
Salamoia Bolognese for vegetables
Salamoia Bolognese for fish
Salamoia Bolognese for white meat

Today as in the old days ...

Salamoia Bolognese® was founded in 1968, the brainchild of Franco Berti and his wife Franca who came up with the idea of putting a traditional old Italian recipe, widely used and appreciated in the kitchen, into a jar: salt with herbs. This blend was expertly prepared by housewives to flavour foods with fresh chopped herbs and sea salt crushed using a glass bottle.
Today as they did in the old days we produce Salamoia Bolognese® seasoning in the traditional way using herbs that have been picked and processed fresh. The transformation and packaging of the product take place using cutting-edge machines and automatic production lines, which are subject to stringent quality controls in line with food safety legislation.




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