1. Condiments
    Modena “Special” balsamic vinegar: 250 ml glass bottle
    Modena balsamic vinegar: 250 ml glass bottle
    Red wine vinegar: 250 ml glass bottle
    Cream of balsamic vinegar: 150 ml glass bottle
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil with chilli pepper: 250 ml glass bottle
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 750 ml glass bottle
    Lemon juice: 250 ml bottle, 250 ml jug, 200 ml lemon bottle
  2. Sauces and Ragù
    Chianina meat Ragù: 180 g glass jar
    Duck Ragù: 180 g glass jar
    Roe deer Ragù: 180 g glass jar
    Venison Ragù: 180 g glass jar
    Wild boar Ragù: 180 g glass jar
    Hare Ragù: 180 g glass jar
    Tomato purée: 100% Emilian tomatoes, 680/280 g
    Genoese Pesto: 190 g glass jar
    Fresh basil sauce: 100% Emilian tomatoes with PRESAL® , 280 g glass jar
    Arrabbiata sauce: 180 g glass jar
  3. Mushrooms and truffles
    Dry Porcini Briciolotti: 30 g sachet
    Mushrooms in oil: 280 g glass jar
    Mix with dry Porcini: 30 g sachet
    Truffle oil: 100 ml glass bottle
    Extra dry Porcini: sachet 30 g
    White truffle sauce: 90 g glass jar
    Truffle-flavoured sauce: 90 g glass jar
  4. Delicacies
    Garlic cloves: in oil, 180 g glass jar
    Mixed appetiser: 520 g glass jar
    Capers in salt: 70 g glass jar
    Very fine capers: 95 g glass jar
    Artichokes: in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 280 g glass jar
    Gherkins: in wine vinegar, 350 g glass jar
    Baby onions in balsamic vinegar: 290 g glass jar
    Borettane onions: in oil, 280 g glass jar
    Tuscan crostino: 180 g glass jar
    Artichoke hearts: in oil, 280 g glass jar
    “Meat flavour” stock cubes with PRESAL® : box 66 g
    “Vegetable” stock cubes with PRESAL® : box 66 g
    Cannellini beans: 350 g glass jar
    Aubergine fillets: 280 g glass jar
    Traditional Italian Mayonnaise 240 g glass jar
    Mix for rice/pasta: 280 g glass jar
    Pitted black olives: 340 g glass jar
    Riviera olives: in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 185 g glass jar
    Pitted green olives: 280 g glass jar
    Chilli peppers stuffed with tuna: 180 g glass jar
    Italian pine nuts extra selection: sachet 35 g
    Very fine peas: 330 g glass jar
    Instant polenta: sachet 500 g
    Ready to use polenta with Presal® : sachet 500 g
    Sun dried tomatoes: in oil, 280 g glass jar
    "Salsa rossa" (Red Sauce): 280 g glass jar
    "Salsa verde" (Green Sauce): 280 g glass jar
    Sangiovese di Romagna PDO superior: 750 g in bottle
    Tafferuglio: spicy sauce, 140 g glass jar
  5. Pepper
    Mixed pepper: 35 g glass jar
    Pink pepper: in brine, 85 g glass jar
    Green pepper: in brine, 100 g glass jar
  6. Honeys
    Italian acacia honey: 250 g glass jar
    Italian blueberry acacia honey: 250 g glass jar

Use our Extra Virgin Olive Oil prepared with the finest selection of Italian olives to cook and season your dishes. If you want to add a touch of heat, you can use our Extra Virgin Olive Oil with chilli pepper with whole chilli peppers left to infuse at the bottom of the elegant glass bottle.

Season your salads with our Red wine vinegar slowly fermented using wood chips. This procedure preserves the sensory qualities of the noble wines from which it is produced, also enhancing its natural aromatic qualities. If, meanwhile, you love the flavour of balsamic use the range of Modena balsamic vinegars aged in fine cherry, chestnut and oak wood.

The quality certification is a guarantee of its excellent characteristics.


To garnish your pasta use our Chianina and Game meat ragù products.
They are prepared according to a completely artisan procedure that begins with the marinating of the meat with wine and fresh vegetables and finishes with their cooking in an open pan that preserves the qualities of the meat and enhances its flavour.

  • With 63% meat

For tasty, healthy and quick pasta dishes use our Tomato Purée or Basil Sauce which can be used as they are or to create delicious and more elaborate condiments. They are prepared in a bain-marie with 100% Emilian ripe tomatoes.

  • They are prepared in a bain-marie with 100% Emilian ripe tomatoes

The range of sauces also includes Arrabbiata Sauce and Pesto, made using natural ingredients and artisan methods.

Our Porcini Mushrooms are dried naturally to preserve their typical qualities.
They are selected and packaged by hand and have “extra quality” status (as established by law), the highest quality level.
The “Briciolotti" are ideal for ragù and condiments and the “Mushroom Mix" offers you the chance to enjoy 5 tasty varieties as a side dish or to enrich main courses.

  • Thanks to the transparent bag the quality is visible

To learn more: download the file on the specific characteristics of "Quality dried mushrooms"

To give your dishes a wonderful truffle aroma, use our Extra Virgin Olive Oil with natural Truffle flavouring. A slice of truffle is contained in the glass bottle.
Our tasty White Truffle Sauce is ideal for seasoning tagliatelle, tagliolini, gnocchi, penne and other pasta dishes. Meanwhile, our Truffle-Flavoured Sauce is the ideal ingredient for delicious roulade, escalopes, quiches and other creative dishes.

  • With no chemical aromas!

This category includes a vast selection of foods preserved in oil and vinegar, sauces and specialities in various food segments.

    All products stand out for their:
  • excellent quality
  • artisan processing
  • painstakingly selected ingredients
Caber Tomato purée
Caber Lemon juice
caber Cannellini Beans
Caber Very fine Capers
Caber Balsamic Vinegar
Caber Instant Polenta
Caber Riviera olives
Caber Traditional Italian Mayonnaise

It is always the right time

Give free rein to your creativity when inventing tasty titbits for any occasion. With the products from our “Specialities” line you can’t go wrong!

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