Controlled supply chain from fields to finished packaging

Selected and Guaranteed quality

Caber fresh aromatic herbs are carefully selected and picked up from our fields in Emilia-Romagna. The processing takes place exclusively from fresh raw materials to maintain the fragrance and organoleptic characteristics of them.

Caber Seasonings are:

  • 100% NATURALS




A 50 years old tradition

Salamoia Bolognese® was born in 1968 from an ancient Italian traditional recipe: salt with aromatic herbs, prepared from housewives mixing fresh chopped aromatic herbs and sea salt to give flavor to their meals.

Now as it was then, we produce Salamoia Bolognese® with fresh aromatic herbs from our fields using advanced automatic packaging lines, doing accurate quality controls and respecting food safety.

Oggi come allora Caber produce l'insaporitore Salamoia Bolognese® come da tradizione, con erbe aromatiche fresche dei nostri campi.

  • Fresh aromatic herbs

  • Glass jar with spreader

  • Aroma-sealed cap

Salamoia Bolognese Insaporitore CABER

PRESAL®  is innovation

Presal® has been created in Research Agreement with Food Science Department of University of Bologna.

PRESAL®  is protected iodized

Presal® resists with any cooking dispersion: in oven, in pan, fried, in boiling water for pasta, etc ... and even if you leave the jar open.

PRESAL®  is Iodine source

1 gram satisfies 25% of the daily required iodine intake (in the adult is 150 micrograms per day).

PRESAL®  is for every meals

Presal® is assimilated by human body as seen in published clinical studies made in collaboration with University of Pisa Endocrinology Department.


Iodine is an essential component for the thyroid good functioning, which contributes to:

  1. children balanced growth
  2. central nervous system correct development
  3. several metabolic processes regulation

Naturally contained in food iodine is not frequently enough to meet daily needs; plus, iodine is volatile, poorly resistant to heat and oxidizing.

Presal® is salt with PROTECTED iodine that doesn’t dissipate and is a guaranteed for everyone SOURCE OF IODINE.

2 factories in a 10k square meters total area

2 fields in a 18 hectares total area

Over 10,000 PRESAL® tons per year

Over 5,000,000 sold jars per year

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